Bitcoin: the Future of Currency?

Imagine a bankless world, with no more online fees, no more regulations or rules. Imagine a world where your money is accepted in every country without having to exchange your currency; no more waiting in line at the bank or waiting hours or days for money transfers. This Is a world where bitcoin is the main form of currency.

Bitcoin has taken the online community by storm and continues to attract more and more people every day. It is a new way of currency that challenges society’s idea of controlled, governed money.  With no institution running the operation of bitcoin, it allows freedom for the user to use their money the way they want to.

The idea of bitcoin being a constant form of currency around the world would create a whole new meaning to international travel. More and more travelers would be able to spend the exact money they have without having to go and exchange your money. It would be less of a hassle and the value of the money would not change. International businesses would even change. It will create partnerships and deep bonds with foreign countries there would be no need for a middle man but just direct business.

Bitcoin could revolutionize the world; it could bring us into a digital age that we are just now tapping into. Bankless and free to be used anywhere in the world, bitcoin could make life so much easier. Already, we are able to access our funds by clicking a button on our phone, and we can pay the same way. Bitcoin would not change anything that is not currently being done. Considering Bitcoin the future would be ignoring the present.

Using bitcoin would eliminate the need for banks, excessive fees and would open up an easier way to international travel and to have freedom with money. The internet has become the source of great improvement in our lives, now let’s let it improve our money, bitcoin is the money of the future.

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