Families Falling Apart

Young people grow up the best if they have two loving parents. But one parrent is still better than two who are always in an argument and maybe one of them even instigates children against the other one. For spouses, an abusive marriage is worse than being single, too. To prevent fighing in families, the first thing everyone should do is to get to know the other person well before moving in together and having children. Of course, no couple will agree on everything and it is never impossible to hurt you partner no matter how much you love and know him or her. Psychologically mature people try to solve small disagreements by explaining what each of them wants and feels and seeking the best solution for both. On the other hand, some take offence immediately and do not want to forgive. With large problems like ongoing violence or completely different values, shared life is no longer possible even if both persons try. Therefore, there will probably always be couples who will want to divorce.

Divorce is relatively easy to get in California and Orange County divorce attorneys are always available. They help their customers prove their claims so they can get a divorce and keep as much property as possible. They also advise how to keep custody of children if the couple has any, which makes the process even more complicated. Parents are required to attend mediation where they make a plan about how to share responsibilities. Optionally, mediation can be used instead of court to arrange everything regarding divorce. This is cheaper and less stressful.

Since California family law is complicated, it is the best to talk to a legal expert before starting a divorce. Many offer this first consultation for free. Even so, this is a costly process and it could often be avoided or at least simplified if people were less selfish.

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