Facts about Snow Geese

A snow goose is a beautiful bird of white feathers. The bird is an average length of 37 – 33 inches, with a wingspan of about 54 inches. The birds weigh only about 3 ½ to 7 ½ pounds. The birds are found all across the United States. They are a popular bird for hunters to seek.

If you are planning a snow goose hunting trip in the near future, here are a few interesting facts about this bar that you might like to know. Although these tips might not help you in the hunt, they are definitely nice to know.

  • Snow goose hunters were stopped in 1916 in the eastern part of the U.S. due to a low population of the geese. In 1975, however, it once again became legal to hunt the birds.
  • In some areas, there is an overpopulation of snow geese.
  • Baby Snow Geese are well developed when they are born, with the ability to see as well as maintain their own body temperatures.
  • Snow geese have beautiful long, white feathers, but they change colors depending on the season.
  • The Snow Goose size is determined by the area that it lives.
  • Female and male geese are close and form a tight knit bond with one another.
  • Most of the Snow Geese eat diets that consist of leaves, seeds and roots. Some Snow Geese consume more corns and grains. Diet of the goose is usually varied, depending on the location where it lives.
  • The oldest snow goose ever recorded was 27 ½ years of age and was shot in Texas

Snow goose hunting can be an exciting and rewarding adventure for anyone who enjoys this hobby. Snow geese aren’t the easiest birds to catch, but definitely worth it when you do get your prize.

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