In UK, the most popular way of traveling is in a caravan. This spares much packing and looking for an accomodation. More and more people use them in holiday parks as they offer space and connections needed for them. You cannot maintain the tiny home on an ordinary parking lot or a park and it would not be legal in many places.

Summer is the main travel season; nevertheless, winter holidays can be funny and relaxing. Holiday parks operate in winters and caravans can be moved then, taking the same safety measures as with other vehicles to avoid accidents due to ice on the roads. In autumn, some people move to caravans to take part in harvest, Halloween or bonfires. Visit today for more advice on holidays in all seasons.

Residential, holiday and hire parks are a great type of holiday or maybe even permanent residence. Simple homes are surrounded by nature and facilities for relaxing activities. You can usually park a caravan there or use a house. Both can be bought or hired. Reservation are made by telephone or online.

The parks can be very cheap or luxury but all are intended to be comfortable. Allens Caravans looks after many of them. They are in rural locations all across the UK, unlike some other that are in cities, but still close to cities so people can visit museums, shopping centres and other urban attractions.

Allens Caravans is an old family business which used to sell cars and later took envy in America where caravans were popular even earlier, including as a permanent residence. It started to sell caravans and then arrange parks for them. It is the UK’s main caravan retailer now. Owners are directors themselves and personally visit their parks from time to time.

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