While this weight loss program is designed to specifically address needs of women, not all bodies are made the same and so your level of success with it will depend on a number of factors.

The first is your expectations. This is not a miracle, and it’s not going to get hundreds of pounds off in a few months. If you have extreme weight loss needs, in order to successfully get the weight off without harming your body, slower is always better. It may be that you need to do several cycles of the 12-week diet portion before you have reached a target weight, so be realistic with your and your body’s capabilities.

A huge thing to remember with any diet or exercise system is that if it is real and actually works, you’re going to have to put in the work. This is no different, and you will absolutely get only as much as you give.

One of the hardest things to remember when dieting is that when you are “cheating,” you are only hurting yourself. Your nutritionist, coach, spouse, friend or whoever may be upset that you broke a routine, but only you and your body will have to deal with the effect.

In order to maximize weight loss success, the venus factor program will require you to avoid certain tempting foods, control your calories, and eat on a regular schedule. Remember, this is actually resetting and recalibrating hormones within the body, so a slip here and there can actually make you have to put in more work in the long run.

As with any program, how much weight you lose and how much success you see will be measured by the amount of discipline and motivation you have. Set real expectations and goals, and you’ll be please with how quickly it works.

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