“Mom, I’m bored.” How many times have your children came to you with this statement? If you’re like most parents, that happens often. You look at your children with a puzzled look as you stand in front of a sink full of dishes wondering why they’d ever think you knew how to cure their boredom! This is just one of the funny moments in a parent’s life and one of the fun sayings that you can find when you visit funny sayings and cute stories from kids.

A Fun Website Designed for All

This is a website made for parents, kids, and for anyone that enjoys a good laugh. We all know that kids can sometimes say things that really surprise us and make us laugh. No matter what we try, we simply cannot stop the laughter! When you visit this website, you will have access to all of the awesomely funny sayings that you can handle. Spend as much or as little time as you’d like here. It is all free, so why not? This is a website that takes away the rainy day blues, boredom, and adds fun to your world when you need it the most.

Regular Updates mean more Laughs when you need them

You never know what you are going to read when you visit this site. It is updated on a regular basis, as new parents just like yourself add their funny sayings to the list. You can even add your own sayings if you would like. Just as you appreciate the others who shared their funniness, they will appreciate the time that you took to do the same for them.

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Check out this website and some of the funny sayings that are on there. You will be glad that you took this time to check it out!

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