There is a variety of conditions in the workplace that could result in a workplace accident. In some cases, the results of an accident are mild and in other cases, they could be fatal. Therefore, osha safety training nyc states that employees must always be alert and vigilant in order to prevent accidents in the workplace. In addition, employers must be aware of the conditions that most often result in accidents so that they can spot these risk factors:

One of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace is tiredness. If you are tired, you are not alert/aware. You’re probably going to be distracted much easier- and are much more likely to daydream than if you had gotten the rest that you need. The National Sleep Foundation states that the average adult should be getting about 7 or 8 hours of sleep every single night. However- there are some exceptions- some will need more than this and some can function perfectly fine with less. The main thing is to be consistent- one night of more or less hours than you’re used to can throw you off your routine for several days.

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While it’s true that lack of adequate sleep is likely to lead to overexertion- you can actually be getting the rest that you need and still end up becoming overexerted. Working too hard, too much, or even too fast can lead to overexertion- this even applies to errands and chores at home. You must allow yourself a little bit of time to relax during the day. If you’re at work, you need to take breaks- most employers do allow for this, as well as a meal break. Even if you don’t feel like you need them, you still need to take them.

Finally, there are some people that can multitask, but others must focus on one thing at a time or they end up being careless. This means that you, as an employee, must be aware of the way that you work. If you’re in the middle of something and you get distracted, walk away and take a quick break to help you refocus.

According to osha safety training nyc, employers and employees must be aware of the common causes of workplace accidents in order to prevent them.

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